New Year’s Gifts: what to give yourself, family, loved ones and friends

New Year’s Gifts: what to give yourself, family, loved ones and friends
New Year’s Gifts: what to give yourself, family, loved ones and friends

With the new year mood in December, urgent deadlines and endless questions about what to gift our loved ones come into our lives. And we don’t even know which of these two tasks is easier. But if we can’t help you with the amount of work (let’s be honest, we have enough work ourselves), then it’s easy to help you decide on a gift for your loved one.

In general, the main thing in this matter is not to postpone anything until the last week of December. Otherwise, you will have to get used to the image of the crazy woman of the city and try to do everything at once: get a new manicure, buy supplies for Olivier and do not forget to buy all the gifts on the list. We checked many times – nothing good came of it. That’s why we recommend that you do everything this year without unnecessary fuss. Moreover, we even prepared a gift list for all your loved ones. Maybe they forgot about pets, but you can decide for yourself.

We tell you what you can give to your parents, friends and loved ones in 2024.

What to give parents

Agree, often it is difficult to surprise parents with expensive gifts. As a rule, what is most valued is either very useful or very memorable. For the first option, household and interior items are ideal – air humidifier, aroma diffuser, a new set of pillows. If you want to please your mother, there is no better option than cream.

What to give to friends

We support the theory that New Year’s gifts from friends should be very practical. So much so that at first glance it will be clear why they should be used. Always a win-win option; subscription to a streaming service or a stylish piece of decor for comfort.

What to give a girl

Ideal gifts for girls are cosmetics, jewelry and clothing. And although it seems to us that this set cannot be simpler, for some men the question “what to give him” can be compared to the most difficult task in the world. That’s why we’ve rounded up the most desired gifts this winter to make life easier for many.

What to give a man

Finding a good and, most importantly, the right gift for a man is also a task with an asterisk. Therefore, we recommend that you personally give something practical. For example, accessories or clothing. If you haven’t decided what will cheer him up yet, give him something cute that will remind him of you.

What to give yourself

In the pre-Christmas rush, trying to do everything and everywhere, you can easily forget about the gift to give to the most important person. So don’t miss the opportunity to thank yourself for the work you’ve done this year. If you’ve worked hard or trained hard, reward yourself with new equipment. If you have tried to take care of your health, plan to purchase a subscription to sports activities.

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