10 habits that will tell you you’re a bad-tempered person a mile away

10 habits that will tell you you’re a bad-tempered person a mile away
10 habits that will tell you you’re a bad-tempered person a mile away

Sometimes our own behavior may seem perfect to us, but insignificant little things completely betray us. Is it worth talking about stressful situations when we lose our temper and forget about honesty? We tell you what habits indicate rudeness and scandalous character.

don’t say hello

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Miguel de Cervantes, author of Don Quixote, said, “Nothing costs us so little or gives us so much value as kindness.” It is undoubtedly worth listening to the words of the classic. It is bad manners not to say hello to others when entering a room. This rule applies not only to colleagues, but also, for example, to the waiters who greet you or the secretary at the reception.

Ask thoughtless questions

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When will you get married? Will the children arrive soon? Why is he so weak? Are your lips and eyelashes yours? How much do you earn? The list goes on and on. Addressing very personal and intimate topics is the height of immorality. Moreover, these are very disturbing questions. Issues of birth, personal relationships, earnings, appearance and health are taboo.

Interrupt conversation and correct mistakes

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Yes, your interlocutor can speak illiterate, so your ears will dry out. The desire to fix it is great, especially if you don’t like that person. But in no case should this be done, even if only for the sake of protecting your own reputation. If you are really worried about what impression a person will make in society, whisper gently in his ear or pull him aside. Believe me, he will gratefully accept your interest.

Don’t ignore someone in the group

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If you are in a group, it is rude to ignore newcomers to the group. So you seem to exclude him from the team and make him an outcast. On the contrary, you should take the initiative or at least set an example for others by exchanging a few sentences out of politeness.

Giving unsolicited advice

Be stricter, there is no need to pamper your child! You don’t need to wear so much makeup! Going to the gym! You’ve probably encountered people who think it’s important to keep things in order in someone else’s life. Moreover, most of the time they themselves, as they say, are shoemakers without boots. As a rule, their statements are disguised as concern, but in reality this is a gross violation of personal boundaries.

Don’t hold the door behind you

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Not everywhere has a receptionist at the door, so you have to open the doors yourself, which can be quite heavy. And it’s even better to have someone hold it for us. So why not do the same for others? Otherwise, the person may hit himself.

cross the line

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Yes, no one likes to be on hold. Therefore, it is rude to jump the queue, thereby belittling the importance of others’ problem. This goes not just for doctor’s appointments, but also for moments like jumping the queue on the subway escalator or punching product barcodes at the checkout.

block the sidewalk

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Since the sidewalks are generally narrow, especially in the city center, standing on the sidewalks in crowded places creates an ugly appearance. This way you delay people rushing for work. If you need to text or talk with a friend you met by chance, it is better not to stop in the middle of the road, but to move in one direction.

Do not take off your backpack on public transport

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The crowded conditions of public transport can drive anyone crazy. Therefore, you need to take the backpack off your shoulders as it is at someone else’s face level. Moreover, you must stand up more firmly so as not to harm anyone.

Poor personal hygiene and irregular dressing

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There are many bacteria on the surface of our body that leave behind their waste products. Therefore, you should maintain personal hygiene every day: wash your body and hair, wear clean clothes, brush your teeth and keep your nails free of dirt. It’s important that you do this to not only look after yourself, but also those around you. Also, don’t like the smell of people on public transport? Definitely! You should not follow their example.

Send voice messages to strangers

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Yes, sometimes sending a voice message is easier than typing a text in instant messengers. According to digital etiquette, it is better to warn the other person that you will send a voice message. Otherwise, it will be perceived as a violation of personal boundaries and open rudeness.

Speak loudly in public places

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You should never break the silence in closed areas such as elevators, cafes, libraries or public transportation. No one is interested in unintentionally witnessing your stories on the phone, especially out loud. By the way, the same goes for listening to music and videos. Even in a noisy subway, sounds from the headphones can be heard.

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