10 life hacks on how to cheer up in the morning after insomnia

In the morning, many people feel like Edward Norton’s character in the movie “Fight Club.” Sometimes we stray from our usual schedule and as a result, we don’t get enough sleep. Succumbed to insomnia last night and need to wake up with the roosters to redo many things at work? Common situation. There are a few life hacks that will help you revive quickly and stay productive throughout the day.

Drink a glass of lemon water

A still from the movie “Fight Club”

You’ve just woken up, your eyes still sticky and squinting from the light, your body aching from a sleepless night. It’s time to get ready for work. To cheer yourself up, first go to the kitchen and pour yourself a glass of water. Add lemon juice there. This simple drink will not only speed up your metabolism, help you lose weight and strengthen your immune system, but will also greatly revitalize you. Thanks to the presence of beneficial antioxidants, skin color and tone will improve.

Turn on the lights everywhere

Sunlight, which increases the content of vitamins D and B in the body, will help cope with drowsiness. So open the curtains and let the sun in. This will not be of any use in the autumn-winter period: after all, it is still quite dark in the early morning. So get ready with the lights on. In this way, the desire to lie in bed will decrease.

Massage your earlobes and neck

Massage improves blood circulation and causes the body to wake up. Try to stretch the auricle for one minute with smooth, gentle and active movements. Since the largest number of active points are located on the earlobes, pinch them between your thumb and index fingers and massage in circular movements. You can also massage the neck brace area yourself so that blood flows better to the brain and therefore receives more oxygen. Do you feel a surge of energy?

Take a contrast shower

Alternating hot and cold water is a useful hydrotherapy procedure familiar to the ancient Greeks and Romans. Changing temperatures allow you to disperse the circulatory system and give vigor.

Get some exercise

“Fight Club”

Physical activity – yoga, dancing, gymnastics classes – stimulates the production of adrenaline in the blood, causing it to circulate faster. If you don’t have time for a full workout, do some stretching at home or jog up and down the stairs when you leave the house. This will improve your metabolism and help you wake up.

Do breathing exercises

Sit on a bed or gym mat with your legs crossed. Close your nostrils with your thumb and index finger and alternately lift one or the other. It turns out that you will begin to breathe alternately through your left and right nostrils. Then try another exercise: Take a series of fast breaths, followed by a series of slow breaths. So is it easier to wake up?

Drink tea or coffee

Tonic drinks including tea, coffee, cocoa and energy drinks will also help you wake up from sleep. Thanks to the caffeine, amino acids and tannin content that instantly affects the nervous system, we feel fit and ready for new successes.

Eat complex carbohydrates for breakfast

Morning preparations are often rushed. Therefore, we give up a normal breakfast and satisfy our hunger with sweets, fast food and processed foods. Unfortunately, these types of foods will make you sleepy and are also not very healthy. It is better to replace it with products that will increase performance. Like grains, vegetables, fruits, chicken, fish and yoghurt.

Take some mint gum

A still from the movie “Fight Club”

It has been scientifically proven that chewing gum helps fight insomnia. The important thing, of course, is not the composition, but the fact that active chewing with the jaws supports brain activity. Choose gums with menthol effect, as mint leaves have a vasodilating effect that stimulates brain functions. Also, mint will help you get rid of headaches. By the way, nutritionists do not recommend mint at night because it can cause heartburn.

Take short naps

Do you remember when we were kids and everyone was put to bed during the day? This won’t always work during work hours, but the method itself is quite effective. If you have a personal account, set the alarm for 20 minutes and lie down on the couch or armchair. If you manage to disconnect and fall asleep, you will notice that you start to feel a little more alert. You can apply the method on weekends to make it work.

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