Stop Earth, I’ll land: how do the planets control us?

Each person has his own patron planet, which in turn affects thoughts, actions and behavior, which is reflected in all areas of life. Knowing him is the most important secret of happiness and well-being. To determine your patron planet and understand how to realize yourself qualitatively in life, acquire your personal characteristics and begin to rule the planets, you should turn to the practices of sutsai.

Xucai is a branch of psychology, a numerical science where the date of birth is a person’s code. Many confuse it with numerology, but that’s a completely different story.

Especially for The Fashion Vibes, psychologist and xutsai practitioner Maxim Sapunov talked about how to find your patron planet, what personal qualities it reveals and how to use this data to your advantage.

Maxim Sapunov, psychologist

How is the patron planet determined?

The patron planet is a space object that has a strong influence on the character and behavior of a person. Therefore, there is a saying that “the planets rule the ignorant, and the wise rule the planets”.

You can determine your planet based on your date of birth. for people born 1, 10, 19 And 28 numbers, patron planet Sun.

The sun controls man in such a way that he does not obey anyone and has his own law in mind. And in essence, these are leaders who should have personal territory.

Still from the movie “Fifty Shades of Grey”

Be born 2, 11, 20 And 29 guardian planet numbers Moon.

Under the influence of the Moon, a person is constantly in doubt and needs to think for a few days to make the right decision. These are very diplomatic people. They want to understand everything and everyone, to understand everything thoroughly. They are gentle and sensual, they know how to listen and hear. Usually choose the profession of a psychologist or esotericist.

Be born 3, 12, 21 And thirty guardian planet numbers Jupiter.

Favorite phrase – “I know.” The most caring and fair people. The best mentors. They have a lot of knowledge and constantly analyze everything, taking their analytics for business. It is useless to argue with such people. “Why do I need this?” They will not move until they get a clear answer to his question.

Be born 4, 13, 22 And 31 guardian planet numbers Rahu.

Rahu is the north node of the moon

Revolutionaries value honesty and justice. These are creative people, innovators, and transformers. They have many goals in mind that they have to constantly work towards to achieve.

Be born 5, 14And 23 guardian planet numbers Mercury.

These are business people. Chameleon people who quickly adopt and adapt to the communication style of their interlocutors. They are very social. They see where things can be improved and they want everything to be useful and profitable. Such people have a well-developed intelligence. They like things to be right, logical, and consistent, and they’re attracted to society.

Be born 6, 15 And 24 guardian planet numbers Venus.

The diamonds of our society. Comfort and love people. They are very creative and run all their activities accordingly. Overly emotional, tactile and always in need of love. This is the only group of people from which two energies flow: wisdom and sexuality. They are also good counselors.

A frame from the series “Sex and the City”

Be born 7, 16 And 25 guardian planet numbers Ketu.

Ketu – South Node

The sexiest and brightest people are stars. Discipline, sport, regime and planning of the day are extremely important to them, they do not like chaos and uncertainty. They have good intuition, implement their ideas quickly and overcome crises easily. They need recognition and want to be unreachable. Brilliant and conspicuous people.

Be born 8, 17 And 26 guardian planet numbers Saturn.

These are people who work hard. Their minds work 24/7. They want everything to be efficient and effective. Strive for money. They tend to control everyone and everything and force them to work, such people make good leaders.

Be born 9, 18 And 27 guardian planet numbers Anthem.

These are athletic and dynamic people, they are very sharp and quick-tempered, they are distinguished by excessive emotionality. They love helping others and want everything in this world to be fair. In a system where you can help people – Ministry of Emergencies, police, medicine – it is very well implemented. For such people, an idea is important that gives them energy for action.

Shot from the movie “Intern”

These are brief characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, inherent professional and personal competencies of each person. To fully understand your personal traits and how to begin ruling planets, you must turn to cultivation practices.

Depending on the numbers in the date of birth, a person has certain qualities and skills. Numbers 1 to 9, which are not on the date of birth, can be earned throughout life, but for this you need to know which planet is affecting the person on a particular day.

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