Melyssa Pinto creates the most casual and casual office look of the season (suitable for any occasion)

We know that Melyssa Pinto’s style has been coming to the fore more and more for months. With various views where the clothes are low cost They are great heroes, a few hours ago the Catalan left us a new team that could well accompany us to the office. In a relaxed vibe but with a shirt featured, beige and toasty colors take control of the situation.

The most versatile office outfit worn by Melyssa Pinto

With wide-leg knitwear wide-leg trousers and a white lingerie-style top, Melyssa creates an outfit that can accompany us even on office days. A white shirt with beige stripes becomes the best friend, and her feet are adorned with thick-soled white sneakers.

Melyssa Pinto Look Office Beige 03

While the style may seem very sporty, the truth is that the versatility of this set makes it the perfect day-to-day alternative. With a flat shoe (or heels) and a straight-line blazer-style jacket, it could be our favorite outfit for spring days.

Melyssa Pinto Look Office Beige 02

However, if you’re one of those people who can’t wait and want to have a look like her today, we recommend wearing a thick coat for this offer to stand up to the low temperatures.

Perfect pants for work

Although it may not seem like it, these types of pants are perfect for going to work. So much so that Mango shows us the simplicity and elegance with these knit trousers from the Alter Made collection. Wide and flat, this offer could be ours for less thanks to the second winter 2023 sales.

Alter Made Mango Knitwear Trousers Sale 2023

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