You didn’t expect this: Who could play Spider-Man instead of Andrew Garfield?

Yes, yes we might not even see the iconic spider-man Andrew Garfield…And that’s because Joe Jonas was so close to playing Spider-Man instead of Andrew.

Andrew Garfield. Shot from the movie “The Amazing Spider-Man”

Joe revealed that he auditioned for the superhero role for The Amazing Spider-Man and eventually went to Andrew Garfield.

“You are now destroyed or defeated. But you realize the guy is great,” Joe said on the Just for Variety podcast about not being cast after an audition. “I remember getting ready for Spider-Man years ago and I was very, very excited and Andrew Garfield bought the movie that year. Obviously, he was the right person.”

Joe Jonas (Photo: Getty Images)

When asked if he wore a Spider-Man suit during the audition, Joe replied, “No, but I’m sure I had one once, and there was a costume I tried on sometimes.”

Source: People Talk

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