“Interesting”: what is known about the third part of the movie “Knives Out”?

Knives Out director Rian Johnson has announced that although Knives Out Part 2: The Glass Onion was released yesterday, he plans to make a third movie in the series.

Poster of the movie “Knives Out: The Glass Onion”

“This is interesting. [сделку с Netflix] so if I wanted to do something more, I could. And I guess everyone assumed I would have a few other random ideas – unrelated projects – that I was thinking of. But to be honest, this third movie is the most exciting creative development for me in the last few months,” he told Deadline.

Johnson confirmed that the process has already begun, as he is both the creative director and director of the detective. “I have a notebook that I carry with me everywhere and I always write something in it. For me, 80% of the process is writing in notebooks and structuring it all.”

Shot from the movie “Knives Out: The Glass Onion”)

“I’m trying to get ahead. Even when promoting this movie, I’m trying to create a structure, an idea, so that after New Year’s, when it’s time to go to work, I don’t just stare at this horrible blank page. But I guess you always do that.”

Ryan explained that the detective fiction genre is not very broad and “trying to dig deep into the genre and see if there are any hidden gems.” [ему] devoid of”.

Shot from the movie “Knives Out”

Daniel Craig said he believes Johnson will continue to lead the creative process as he plans the next production of the film. “I think Ryan is very excited to be working on a new episode. He’s already got a few ideas that I think are really interesting, so I’ll let him do it.”

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