Disco football and more: 10 weird sports you’ll definitely want to try

Disco football and more: 10 weird sports you’ll definitely want to try
Disco football and more: 10 weird sports you’ll definitely want to try

When disco football came along, we weren’t far from recreational horsemanship (riding a wooden stick with a horse’s head). The creators of this sport combined kicking a ball with dancing. Now players had to not only run around the field, but also dance and score goals with grace.

It turns out that the strange sports don’t end there. We’ve collected the ones that actually exist. They hold competitions, and some even have their own international organizations and leagues.


The creators of the game combined basketball and wrestling. You may think it’s impossible, but wrestling has clear rules. Before throwing (a person or a ball), you must take off your shirt.

Netizens were pleased with the idea and asked NBA representatives to allow such techniques in matches. This will definitely add entertainment value to the standard competitions.

Chess box

A mixture of chess and boxing also found its fans. During the game, battles and chess games are played alternately. The winner is the one who first checkmates or knocks out his opponent.

American football on ice

Yes, you heard right, the current game has been moved to the ice. The rules remain the same, only the players’ movement has become more difficult. The winner is the team that stays on their skates and scores at least one shot.

Volleyball on a football field

Tired of beaches – go to the grass. Probably, the creators of this sport thought exactly that. The game also differs from the original in that the first touch of the ball on the field does not lead to defeat.


Another type of volleyball. Only instead of the beach there is a rubber trampoline. The ball must be hit while jumping (you can kick it).

Underwater Torpedo

The players’ task is to shoot a shell into the opponent’s goal while underwater. You can take a torpedo from your hand and even catch an opponent underwater. But there is a limit to everything. If one of the players gets sick or shows excessive aggression, the referee will ask everyone to surface.


Players are not allowed to play with their hands or feet or even get off their bikes during the match. Goals are scored only from the front wheel of the vehicle.


Yes, it is similar to table tennis, but the shape of the table that everyone is familiar with is different. There is also no net that the ball must be thrown into. Moreover, you do not even need a racket. It is played with the ball using any part of the body other than the hands.

Excessive ironing

Literally – “extreme ironing”. For this, each participant of the competition must iron the laundry on the board in the most unusual conditions. The more dangerous the place where the action takes place, the better.

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