6 clothing colors that will highlight your tan

6 clothing colors that will highlight your tan
6 clothing colors that will highlight your tan

The holiday season is in full swing, which means it’s time to buy tickets, book hotels and pack your bags. By the way, we told you how to do the latter correctly in a separate article. And it’s definitely worth taking note of for all travelers.

If you’re traveling to hot countries and plan to spend the entire two weeks looking like the iconic Bounty commercial from the 2000s, you need to know a few important things. First of all, not every swimsuit is suitable for tanning. Second, you need to protect yourself from the sun properly to avoid burning (our beauty department will help you with this). Third, you need to wear the right clothes to visually enhance your tan.

Which one? You will learn about this in our material. Today, the The Fashion Vibes fashion department has brought together six shades in which the skin looks even darker.


AZ Factory SS24

If you often visit fashion brands’ websites, you’ve probably noticed that white clothes are most often displayed on dark-skinned models. This is no coincidence. In fact, white emphasizes tan and makes the white tone more advantageous. That’s why we recommend that you take some white items with you when you go on vacation. At your service are fashionable layered skirts, linen vests, capri pants, Bermuda shorts and, of course, swimsuits. Hot content for social networks is guaranteed.


Genny Fall 2024

When packing your suitcase, it is useful to pay attention to the coral color. It is best to choose shades that turn orange. This will darken your skin tone a few tones. If this color seems too bright to you and you are not ready for the total look, you can mix coral with the white or beige color we mentioned above.

The sky is blue

Fendi SS24

In the case of sky blue, the logic is the same as in white; dark skin tone and light-colored clothing create an ideal contrasting duo. This way, the tan becomes more visible. By the way, light blue is the trendiest shade of this season. It goes well with white, pale yellow and lilac. In general, we recommend that you update your wardrobe with products in this color before your vacation.


Christian Siriano Fall 2024

Gold, silver and bronze items highlight the skin, making it more tanned. True, all these shades are more suitable for evening events, because during the day such a festive outfit may look a little out of place. By the way, metallic is another trend of the season, and it is proven not only by street style heroes, but also by designer collections. If I were you, we would buy a gold mini skirt or a bronze-plated alcohol T-shirt after the holiday.


Di Petsa Fall 2024

Another “tan activator” is blue. From navy and turquoise to indigo and electric blue, you have almost every shade at your disposal. You only need one piece to visually enhance your tan—a top or a trendy blouse with a drawstring, for example. But the bottom can be white or sky blue to create the desired contrast.


Max Mara Resort 2025

Tan is a taboo for all fair-skinned girls. And all because it merges with the skin and can play a cruel joke on you (read: from a distance it will seem like you are naked). But when a tan appears on the body, the situation changes radically. For example, a classic nude dress contrasts with a chocolate tan and emphasizes it advantageously.

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