Who is in charge of fashion on Telegram? Top 10 coolest managers according to PEOPLETALK editors

Who is in charge of fashion on Telegram? Top 10 coolest managers according to PEOPLETALK editors
Who is in charge of fashion on Telegram? Top 10 coolest managers according to PEOPLETALK editors

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This material should start with the fact that there are many authoritative Telegram channels about fashion. Some publish memes, others analyze images of stars, others predict trends and talk about sensational aesthetics, and still others combine all of the above. Channels can be very different in mood, style of presenting information, and content. They have one thing in common: love and devotion to the fashion industry, which the The Fashion Vibes fashion hotel fully shares.

But who “explains the hardware”, and not only in Telegram? Today we decided to collect the coolest admins whose channels we read every day. The opinion is, of course, subjective and may not completely coincide with what the reader expects to see. This rating is compiled not by the number of subscribers or the scope of posts, but by love. By the way, the latter should not be confused with favoritism; all authors are real professionals in their field, and it is really interesting to read them.

That’s why we’ve rounded up 10 names that are definitely worth remembering and the same number of channels worth subscribing to. And let’s not forget our Telegram, because half of the fashion department is responsible for it: Leah Cooperman.

Inna Kombarova

Inna Kombarova. Photo: social networks

WHO: Author of the channel “Mamkina Fashionista”

The main fashionista of Telegram, who will collect great memes (relevant of course), talk about trends and laugh at strange fashion news. In general, she will tell you everything a modern user needs to know about fashion. We love her for her ability to present any informative topic in a short and clear way. Ideal for people who are always on the run.

Katarina Shramko

Katarina Shramko. Photo: social networks

WHO: Author of SCOTEENA channel

Katarina (not Katya by any means) is studying to be a doctor, so her approach to fashion is appropriate – deep and very thoughtful. She may not tell you about Kim Kardashian and her latest image, but she will tell you all about the industry’s leaders. There are also memes on the channel, but let’s say they are a level more sophisticated, which makes the channel even more interesting to read.

Alena Goryacheva

Alena Goryacheva. Photo: social networks

WHO: Author of the channel “The Devil Wears H&M”

Alena Goryacheva is a real expert in new trends from social networks, aesthetics and “cores”. She will tell you everything you need to know about coquettecore, show you how to wear a plaid skirt and tell you where to buy the butter-colored piece. Also, makeup and hairstyle trends will not pass you by, as part of the channel is devoted to beauty.

Madonna Moore

Madonna Moore. Photo: social networks

WHO: Author of the MUR channel

The MUR channel cannot be called local and narrowly targeted – 170 thousand subscribers speak for themselves. Madonna writes about fashion in the broad sense of the word, so the channel features articles about Kanye’s new look with Bianca, the newly released Vogue cover and the latest collection of Simon Porte Jacquemus. The main feature of MUR is the competent selection of news feeds, which the reader does not get tired of the number of posts. If you want to know what happened in fashion this week in general, feel free to go to Madonna’s channel.

Fatima Alieva

Fatima Aliyeva. Photo: social networks

WHO: Author of the channel “Pechenyushki&Co”

Fatima Aliyeva is the main expert on fashion memes in Telegram. True, the channel with the coolest name “Pechenyushki&Co” is not limited to funny pictures. Memes very cleverly distract from serious analytical posts, giving the reader the opportunity to take a break from the flow of information. That’s why the channel is very easy to read. Therefore, we recommend!

Alina Shkarupa

Alina Shkarupa. Photo: social networks

WHO: Author of the channel “SHMOT”

One of the most stylish girls of the capital, Alina Shkarupa, is the head of the SHMOT channel. And if you can see a few unusual styling techniques from her in the banned social network, then you can find the same source of inspiration in Telegram. Alina talks about new collections of Russian brands, analyzes fashion house shows and shares cool tips. Everything is short and concise. For this we love, appreciate, respect.

Alyosha Slavko

Alyosha Slavko. Photo: social networks

WHO: Author of the channel “Cream”

Alyosha Slavko is one of those rare fashion influencers who are really interesting to follow. We are talking not only about visual content, but also about textual content. On the Telegram channel “Slivki” Alyosha shares his own unbiased opinion about collections, publications and appearances of leading it-girls. His presentation style is also quite simple, so you get the feeling that your friend has told you something good.

Lera Parfenova

Lera Parfenova. Photo: social networks

WHO: Author of the channel “Make a simpler face”

If you are looking for quality but at the same time light content about fashion, subscribe to the channel “Make a Simpler Face”. Its author is journalist Lera Parfenova, she never writes superficially (read: just to cover an informative topic), even her memes look intellectual. So if you want to show a fashion fact while chatting with your friends, then subscribing to the channel will definitely be useful.

Ira Dubina

Ira Dubina. Photo: social networks

WHO: Author of the Megastyle channel

If you want to be a stylist, you need to think like one. Or at least know what she thinks and what inspires her. To understand this, you should subscribe to Ira Dubina’s channel “Megastyle”. Total immersion in the industry is 100% guaranteed.

Tim Ilyasov

Tim Ilyasov. Photo: social networks

WHO: Author of the channel “Tim Ilyasov”

You won’t be able to read the channel of fashion historian Tim Ilyasov on the go; the format of the posts is a little different. In the texts (with the maximum number of characters for Telegram), he talks about the valuable archives of fashion houses, forgotten designers of the last century and fashion of different eras. By the way, everyone should subscribe, because fashion is cyclical, and many modern designers draw inspiration from the past.

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