5 toxic attitudes that prevent you from building relationships

5 toxic attitudes that prevent you from building relationships
5 toxic attitudes that prevent you from building relationships

The world is changing dynamically, but toxic attitudes from childhood are passed down from generation to generation like a curse. “Don’t swear, you’re a girl,” “Don’t cry, you’re a boy.” All this creates internal tension and gives rise to complexes. Due to unmet expectations, it has become even more difficult for us to build relationships. Maybe it’s time to say goodbye to false beliefs? We tell you what you need to do to build a harmonious relationship with your partner.

Love must be earned

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How often do we think that we are not good enough for our partner? It seems to us that only an ideal can be loved. That is why many girls are ready to change their appearance to fit into fashionable beauty trends. We try to be in time everywhere: to be good mothers and housewives, to look like cover models, to build a career and pursue hobbies (otherwise we will be very boring for a partner!). At the same time, we rarely ask ourselves the question: is the man ready to make the same sacrifices? And, finally, does he need a superwoman? After all, the bitter truth is that there is no such thing as perfection, and it is more difficult for men with such personalities to relax: after all, we all want to be loved as we are.

All men cheat

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In fact, each person determines for himself what constitutes betrayal. Some women are calm about having a mistress if their partner does not have feelings for her. At the same time, jealous people may cheat more often than men who act like gigolos. The myth that all men cheat stems from the fact that for a long time a man’s success was measured by the number of partners. Therefore, only in this way can monogamous people arouse interest in themselves.

The partner has a debt

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We all grow up in different families, but to some extent we are faced with stereotypes about what men and women should and should not do by default. At the same time, we hardly know how to express our desires correctly. Instead of simply asking, we give ultimatums and accuse. Maybe your partner also has expectations about how you see your life together? Therefore, you should not give up on your dream: you just need to devote your beloved to him.

Endure – fall in love

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If a relationship doesn’t work out for a long time, you start to involuntarily dive into yourself. And sometimes self-criticism makes us lower our standards. That’s why many girls deceive themselves by getting into relationships with guys they don’t like at all. The truth is that the beast doesn’t turn into a handsome prince. Instead, you just need to change your social circle. But getting married as soon as possible because your parents are forcing you and your girlfriends are already mothers would be a mistake. Live at your own pace and surround yourself with people you really love. After all, marrying someone you don’t love will only lead to disappointment.

Lovers understand each other very well

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Many people have heard about chemistry in relationships, but in practice it is rare for people to truly understand each other perfectly. This does not mean that you should give up on your partner. On the contrary, in harmonious relationships there is always a period of grinding. Of course, when you watch your friends on social networks, you get the impression that they have an ideal life, but on the other hand, it is unlikely that anyone will post stories about quarrels or budget problems. Therefore, in personal relationships, you should focus only on personal experience.

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