Fashion editor’s diary: the spectacular Schiaparelli couture show, Bella Hadid – the new face of Saint Laurent and other fashion news of the week

Fashion editor’s diary: the spectacular Schiaparelli couture show, Bella Hadid – the new face of Saint Laurent and other fashion news of the week
Fashion editor’s diary: the spectacular Schiaparelli couture show, Bella Hadid – the new face of Saint Laurent and other fashion news of the week

Hello to all fashion lovers! Your fashion editor is here. There are so many trends and brands in my world that I decided to keep an online journal where I’ll take notes on the most important things in the industry. And although such diaries are often called personal, mine is open to all readers – so you will be aware of the most interesting things.

This week is a special one in the calendar of every player in the fashion industry; This is due to the couture fashion shows held in Paris in the last four days. Haute Couture Week is traditionally opened by the Schiaparelli brand. This time, Daniel Roseberry presented the “Phoenix” collection, which, as the name suggests, expresses the possibility of rebirth. Following Schiaparelli, collections of Chanel, Thom Browne, Christian Dior and many other brands were exhibited. One of the most memorable was the Jean Paul Gaultier show. This time, the couture collection of the fashion house was created by Courrèges creative director Nicolas di Felice, who analyzed the brand’s archives and presented them with his minimalist perspective. However, it’s not just Fashion Week that’s been talked about lately. Yesterday it was learned that Bella Hadid is the new face of the Saint Laurent brand.

There were really interesting events this week, so I suggest you take a short digital journey with me into the latest news from the fashion world and learn a little more about our domestic brands, advertising campaigns and collections. Shall we start?

I agree, summer always leaves a taste of happiness and warmth in the mouth. The collection of the Russian brand Nude Story Day&Night is exactly about carefree holidays by the sea, which are so pleasant to remember. This time, the design team relied on romantic prints of seashells, sun and moon (created in a factory in Italy), iridescent sequins reminiscent of sequins, and flowing fabrics. This choice of materials reflects the name of the collection: in the morning you can go to the beach in a light set with a blue print, in the afternoon you can wear a thin cotton dress, and in the evening you will shine in the sun’s rays. The setting sun in a flowing combination of iridescent sequins.

Agree, it is almost impossible to create a fashionable look without jewelry. The outfit will most likely look unfinished and a little unsuccessful. Therefore, you should not ignore necklaces, chokers, rings and bracelets. If you do not know what to add to your jewelry box, we recommend that you get acquainted with the new collection of the brand Sexy Fish Jewelry, inspired by the natural beauty of nature and delicate natural flowers. The Moonlight series in soft pink or blue tones combines airy lightness with intricate patterns and bright symbols. Whether it is a cat-eye necklace with a cross pendant, a bracelet with charms and cubic zirconia, or hoop earrings with rhodium-plated jewelry alloy fittings. A sautoir made of links of a small anchor chain and a necklace of majorica pearls of various sizes is no less impressive. That is why we recommend that you add trending products to your cart now.

If we were to describe the Masterpeace brand collection in three words, it would definitely be summer, summery and love. Evgenia Linovich’s new work is about love for everything that surrounds us, lightness, warmth, French cinema and Provence. Dresses, trousers, flowy blouses, tops and pleated skirts were made from cambric and lace produced in a family factory near Marseille.

By the way, the main inspiration of the founder of the brand were the autobiographical books “My Mother’s Castle”, which tell about the childhood of Marcel Pagnol. According to Evgenia Linovich, the collection smells of Provence, like the pages of the book, but the shooting took place at the dacha of Zhenya’s parents. “More recently, Christophe Barratier’s film “Time of Secrets” was released, when children are no longer children and in the summer you come to the dacha and fall in love and wear dresses: white, delicate, stitched and lace, ”adds Evgenia. We think this is exactly the mood you want to capture in the hot July month.

Stickers and decals are the main trend of this season. The most fashionable girls (and not only) put them on notebooks, diaries and even phone cases. Now stickers can also be used on your favorite bags. Recently, Moveli and O Paper Paper brands have jointly launched fabric stickers. Reusable cotton stickers are suitable for bags, cosmetic bags, card holders, phone cases and other accessories. By the way, you can even attach them to shoes. There are two sticker packs, each with six stickers. A cute travel frog, juicy fruits, a postage stamp and road signs with funny inscriptions direct us to the hot summer and long-awaited trips.

Hailey Bieber is one of the main it-girls of our time, who does not follow trends, but sets them. The appearance of each new star is discussed by editors of glossy publications, and fashion influencers try to copy it. By the way, now you can do the latter. Hayley last appeared in a milky satin dress with a high neckline and an asymmetrical skirt. Almost the same (or even better) can be found in the collection of the Russian brand Jurba. Take note and add to cart before they run out.

In the new season, the fashion house Yanina Couture explores the world of eternal spring and invites you to be transported to a magnificent flower garden. On June 25, at Paris Fashion Week, the brand presented a couture collection inspired by the fragility and at the same time strength of flowers. Designer Yulia Yanina offers a glimpse into the versatility of female beauty through the prism of bright images where delicate roses coexist with proud sunflowers. The collection has a lot of colors: pink, yellow, silver, white, blue; all of them symbolize love of life and joy. The collection is based on the idea of ​​unique beauty. Just as it is impossible to meet two identical women, there is no chance of finding two identical flowers.

“When I think about what the heroine of my collection should be like, I imagine a woman who enjoys every second of her life. This heroine does not age because she feels young and no matter how old she is: she believes, dreams and wants a lot. She has a lot of ideas and desires. She believes that everything is possible,” says Yulia Yanina.

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