Five original and free events to celebrate the musical event

Five original and free events to celebrate the musical event
Five original and free events to celebrate the musical event

What to do this evening to celebrate the summer solstice in music? Whether you like jazz, hip-hop or electronica, there’s something for everyone. Follow the leader.

This June 21st marks, like every year, the return of the music festival. Inaugurated in 1982 by former Culture Minister Jack Lang, this celebration accompanies the summer solstice, the longest day of the year. France comes alive to the rhythm of its musicians, professionals and amateurs, to the great pleasure of music lovers. Despite the gray environment, here are five original and free places to enjoy live concerts, depending on your musical tastes and desires.

Hip hop settles in Paris

Attention hip-hop fans. The Righteous Association is organizing the twentieth edition of its famous Hip-Hop Block Party, which will take place, like every year, in the Impasse Saint-Sébastien in the 11th arrondissement of Paris. The program of this joyful and completely free event will feature fifteen names from the French and international hip hop scene, such as DJ EwONE!, DJ Kayuza (Japan), DJ Poska, DJ Glo, DJ Suspect, Freedy Jay, Romento Le Jazz or Il Ponte of the Indie Artist (New York)…

Free and open-access event, from 6pm to 2am, Impasse Saint-Sébastien, 75011 Paris.

Performance and DJ set at the CAPC in Bordeaux

If you live in the Bordeaux region, an unforgettable evening awaits you in the unique setting of the Museum of Contemporary Art, where engaging performances, dances, sound creations and a DJ set will come together. With the Iranian artist Aliaskar Abarkas, the choreographer Caner Teker and the composer and performer Fallon Mayanja. The complete program is available on the museum’s Facebook page.

Free event, from 7.30pm to 12.30pm, 7 Rue Ferrere, 33000 Bordeaux.

Acoustics enthusiasts will find what they are looking for in Nantes

Appointment in Square Amiral Halgan, where the metropolis of Nantes decides to innovate by installing an acoustic stage for the first year. As the site says actNantes, “starting at 7pm, fifteen choristers from the Nantes Gospel, the Arrivée d’Air Show choir, Vocaswing and also the capoeira enthusiasts Nantes Jogo Diferente will liven up the place.”

Free and open access event, from 7pm. Town Hall Square,
44000 Nantes

Head to Brazil… Lyon

If you dream of being in Brazil at the height of the Rio carnival, if you master the Samba steps and love the sound of the cymbals, let yourself be carried away by the sunny rhythm of the percussion at Quai Rambaud, in the Confluence neighborhood. On the program: singing, percussion, dancing and good humor. Batucada, a subgenre of samba, will be in the spotlight until midnight. Three groups will follow one another on a joyful walk: Batucada Tribu “btp” – move your feet, Les Batoukailleurs, then Batucanova for a dive into the Bahia region.

Free event with open access, from 6pm to midnight, Quai Rambaud, 69002 Lyon.

Jazz at PBagatelle Archin Marseille

Jazz lovers will not be left out in Marseille, where the Parc de Bagatelle gets in tune. From 4pm to 6pm, in the Town Hall square, a public jam session will be organized by the students of the jazz classes of the Conservatory. Then, at 9pm, the French-Taiwanese singer Estelle Perrault, accompanied by her musicians, will occupy the park's main stage for a carte blanche, produced by the Nine Spirit Company.

Free event with open access, from 4.00 pm 125 Rue du Commandant Rolland, 13008 Marseille

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