Vinted: This big change will make your life easier

Vinted: This big change will make your life easier
Vinted: This big change will make your life easier

News on Vinted, the second-hand platform the most popular of the moment. You will now see two prices displayed for the same product. We will explain it to you.

You are one of them people completely addicted to Vinted. These people looking for the best deal, the coolest piece? If so, you may have noticed this important change. Since June 18, the platform specializing in used goods has shown the price with and without “buyer protection”. It is always the second highest price the user will pay.

Vinted has taken this measure to comply European Commission transparency requirements. And in fact, before, you had to wait to go to the purchase phase to see the total price.

Vinted still doesn't display delivery costs

However, shipping costs are not yet included in the total amount. However, this measure was requested by the European Commission. It should be noted that the platform did not comply with the institute's request by refusing to "indicate delivery costs" in the total price "before starting the purchase procedure". Note: The most popular second-hand platform in Europe has been offering an authentication service since October 2023. And, if you want to change Vinted, here are 3 other reliable and trending second-hand platforms

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