Jeanne Friot x Tinder: the fashion collaboration to love each other more, for the benefit of SOS Homophobia

Jeanne Friot x Tinder: the fashion collaboration to love each other more, for the benefit of SOS Homophobia
Jeanne Friot x Tinder: the fashion collaboration to love each other more, for the benefit of SOS Homophobia

French designer Jeanne Friot took advantage of her spring-summer 2025 show presented in Paris on June 19 to present her collaboration with Tinder to benefit SOS Homophobia. In the midst of Pride Month, while LGBTphobic attacks are increasing, these 4 pieces that celebrate queer love and finance the defense of the rights of this community contrast with this fashion week that is both publicized and depoliticized.

Scaring the hell out of those addicted to cis-hetero binary norms, this is the side benefit of Jeanne Friot’s work since her debut in 2020. The young French designer has just presented her new spring-summer 2025 collection, still non-gender and recycled, as part of Paris Men’s Fashion Week. We obviously find there the elements that are the basis of her success, that is to say a free and rebellious style, punctuated with punk and brutalist codes, but also with couture know-how. Even more surprising, it was also an opportunity for the designer to present an unexpected collaboration with the global dating giant Tinder.

The Jeanne Friot x Tinder collaboration to benefit SOS Homophobia

Accustomed to creating pieces with messages that celebrate love in all its forms, beyond cis-heteropatriarchal norms, Jeanne Friot tries again this time with Tinder. The result is a capsule collection of 4 pieces: a t-shirt, a cap, earrings, as well as a couture dress (only the latter will not be sold). Each person embodies in their own way the message of “ Love harder » (love yourself stronger), both in the form of a slogan written white on black, and in the form of metal hearts, becoming real chainmail for the fashion centerpiece. armor of love. All responsibly produced in France and on sale from the show on 19 June 2024.

Aside from the armor dress, the other pieces of the Jeanne Friot x Tinder collaboration (the earrings, the hat and the t-shirt) are available on the eshop of the young French designer’s brand.

Openly queer and lesbian, Jeanne Friot continues to celebrate LGBT+ identities and loves, and so she joins Tinder to bring this message to a larger scale. Especially that one 10% of the proceeds from this collaboration will be donated to the SOS Homophobia association, which fights daily against hatred towards the queer community and for equality. The suit of the armor of love will be offered directly and made available to the association to raise further funds.

In the midst of Pride Month, while at the dawn of legislative elections, in particular, the rights of trans people are exploited and attacked for electoral purposes, we can therefore rejoice in this collaboration undertaken within fashion weeks are generally as publicized as they are depoliticized. Today and always, good lesbians!

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