Before the sales: These fashion brands are already in private sales

Before the sales: These fashion brands are already in private sales
Before the sales: These fashion brands are already in private sales

Want to try new clothes as summer approaches? No need to wait for the sales, these brands have launched their private sales.

THE summer sales 2024 will begin Wednesday 26 June from 8:00 to July 23rd at midnight. During these 4 weeks, traders will run promotions to sell the shares. The opportunity to get good deals and fall in love with summer outfits, even if the weather is still a bit gloomy. We hope that things will change.

But for those who are impatient, know this many brands are already on sale. And it’s worth a look. Among the brands they offer attractive discounts, that is, up to 50%, I made a small (very subjective) selection: Bash, Petite Mendigote, Claudie Pierlot, Des petits Hauts, Ekyog, Sessun, Soeur, IKKS, Karl Marc John, Kookai, The Fairy Maraboutée, Etam, Marie Sixtine. There are many more, but the offers spotted among them are interesting. You should know that the discounts displayed will generally correspond to those that will be offered during the sales.

What do we buy during private sales?

It’s early summer. The ideal is therefore to offer yourself seasonal pieces, like a bohemian dress, a swimsuit or even a perfect top for the warm season. The summer of 2024 is coming, it looks very hot. But it can also be interesting to invest in timeless pieces that you will wear for many years. Why not well-cut jeans, a puffy blouse or even a long skirt? Personally, my trench coat purchased last year in the middle of a heat wave is my best purchase of the year. Here are the 3 most beautiful trench coats of the season (and they suit everyone)

And don't forget that if you want to consume more sustainably you can also treat yourself to a gift second hand. There are many platforms that change compared to Vinted. They don't do private sales, but when you dig deep you find unbeatable prices.

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