This French city creates 21 specific rights for single-parent families

This French city creates 21 specific rights for single-parent families
This French city creates 21 specific rights for single-parent families

In Ris-Orangis, in Essonne, the municipality has created 21 specific rights for single-parent families, a third of whom live below the poverty line.

An initiative more than required. While the work of the commissions on the status of single-parent families has come to a halt with the dissolution of the National Assembly, the municipalities are launching local initiatives.

As Ris-Orangisin the Parisian suburbs, which has created the status of single parent, as reported by our colleagues at Parisian. This municipality of almost 30,000 inhabitants, or 1,707 families classified as single-parent according to INSEE, is at the forefront in the creation of the “Single parent” status.granting them 21 specific rights.

Universal rights for single parents

Therefore, the parent gets universal rights as soon as he is identified as alone. This series of measures starts by changing the criteria for assigning places in nursery schools, since single parents have additional points and can therefore obtain them more easily.

An office to provide information on rights of single-parent families a specific healthcare path is also created, or even a “Single-parent family” card.to take advantage of discounts in cinemas, cultural halls or swimming pools in the Greater Paris South. Furthermore, food is no longer counted in the calculation of daily family life, which would allow single parents to benefit from greater social assistanceaccording to INSEE, a third of them live below the poverty line.

Among these measures he also wants Ris-Orangis" encourage the right to truce » and should quickly develop a space that allows single parents to “ blow ". The slogan of this left-wing municipality? Tell single-parent families that they are no longer alone. It remains to be seen whether other municipalities intend to take inspiration from this initiative, pending a national law.

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