5 reasons why everyone who cares about fashion should definitely go to Yekaterinburg

5 reasons why everyone who cares about fashion should definitely go to Yekaterinburg
5 reasons why everyone who cares about fashion should definitely go to Yekaterinburg

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The Russian fashion industry is developing rapidly. Almost every week, talented and very ambitious designers enter the fashion arena, central stores, creative spaces and brand stores are opened on the map of the capital (and not only), and unique projects specifically aimed at the fashion industry also appear.

By the way, the so-called plan is available only in Moscow and St. It is not limited to St. Petersburg; The route towards global development is clearly defined. And this fact cannot but rejoice. After all, our country also has a third fashion capital. Of course, we are talking about Yekaterinburg, the birthplace of the Ushatava fashion house, the brands around it, Your Antihero, 12 Storeez, Avgvst, Namelazz and many more.

For some reason we started talking about the heart of the Urals. Most recently, the presentation of the new U’FASHION project, which will take place between 19-23 August this year, was held here. And today we will tell you why everyone who cares about fashion should buy tickets and book a hotel immediately. We’ve rounded up five main reasons.


U’FASHION is a large-scale project aimed at developing local Ural brands and increasing the recognition of local designers. This is to say it officially. In fact, the activity is much broader; Within the framework of U’FASHION, the All-Russian design competition, the International Fashion Week UF LAB (August 19-23), forums, b2b meetings will take place, and a magazine will also be held. will be published, an electronic portal about brands has already been created and much more.


The creative curator of the project was Katya Mukhina, one of the most authoritative experts in the domestic fashion industry. She was included in Business of Fashion magazine’s international ranking of the “500 most influential people in the fashion industry”. And the jury of the All-Russian design competition included Mikhail Kolovangin, one of the most famous fashion buyers in Russia. So diving into the fashion business is 100% guaranteed.

Gala dinner U’FASHION

I agree, the right connections make a big difference anywhere, but if you want to work in fashion, you should pay special attention to this “commandment”. It’s worth starting to expand your contact book with a trip to Yekaterinburg for the U’FASHION project. In August, Russian foreign designers, buyers and stylists, photographers and make-up artists, editors of glossy magazines and fashion marketers, as well as bloggers and influencers will gather here. In general, everyone without whom it would be difficult to make a career in fashion.


It is no coincidence that the idea for U’FASHION was born in Yekaterinburg – this city has historically been one of the cultural centers of Russia. Did you know that Yekaterinburg is considered the birthplace of constructivism? Or is it where Sots Art founder Erik Bulatov started his career? Did you know that Alexey Balabanov, the director of the “Agatha Christie” and “Nautilus Pompilius” groups and the movie “Brother”, is also from Yekaterinburg? In general, the capital of the Urals can really boast of its cultural heritage. In terms of fashion, the situation is no less impressive. According to Fashion Consulting Group, every tenth Russian fashion brand is created in the capital of the Urals.

Museum complex in the city of Verkhnyaya Pyshma

By the way, not only the fashion shows of local and foreign designers but also the fashion show venues will surprise you at Fashion Week. The first of these was at the Yeltsin Center in 2018, where a high-profile show by designer Gosha Rubchinsky had already been held there. The shows will also be held on the top floor of the Museum complex in the city of Verkhnyaya Pyshma and in the creative cluster “Domna”, which has already become a powerhouse for all fashionistas. Meanwhile, it’s housed in a historic late-19th-century mansion and includes a trendy co-working space; a professional photo and video recording studio, a conference hall, areas for exhibitions and master classes and, of course, a store with products of Ural brands.


So, how can you do without shopping when you go to one of Russia’s favorite capitals? That’s right, it’s not possible. Therefore, we recommend that you leave more space in your suitcase and shop with local brands. First of all, it is useful to evaluate the IBW (ideal basic clothing) brand, which has managed to gain the love and recognition of the fashion community for nine years. The collection offers an ideal base that will definitely appeal to adherents of minimalism. By the way, the first show of the brand took place in the Domna creative cluster, which we mentioned earlier. However, this year the brand participated in Moscow Fashion Week. And we’re sure there’s more to come.


If you’re a beginner designer, reason number 5 is especially for you. Let us remind you that the most important part of the project is a competition that will allow brands from all over Russia to express themselves. The winner will be determined by a jury of industry experts from Russia and abroad. They will give participants a comprehensive evaluation that takes into account the quality and uniqueness of the collection, visual presentation and marketing. Top participants will have the opportunity to showcase their collections at the UF LAB final show on August 23, as well as receive valuable cash grants and prizes for career advancement. The open call will last until June 23 and will be an impetus for local brands to grow their business.

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