We need to stop talking about “dry drowning”, it doesn’t exist

We need to stop talking about “dry drowning”, it doesn’t exist
We need to stop talking about “dry drowning”, it doesn’t exist

Have you ever heard of dry drowning? Is it really something that exists? Let’s take stock with the emergency pediatrician Whether to be Toubib or not.

When you’re a young parent, you’re a little freaked out about everything. One day, your precious baby drinks from the cup, in the bathtub or pool, and then tragedy strikes. : will drown dry, as mamoune_du_06 states with certainty in an obscure web forum dedicated to parenting ?

But what is dry drowning? According to legend, it would simply be like this the death of the heir, several days after drinking the cupall without water in the lungs, without suffocation and without warning signs. Basically the child drinks the cup, spits up a lot and gets betterNevertheless, several days later, poof, there’s no one left. Creepy, right? Fortunately, this is completely false and dry drowning does not exist.

Dry drowning is fake news

The so-called “dry”, “delayed” or even “secondary” drowning is an urban legend which was born in 2017, after the sudden death of a child 72 hours after drinking the cup. No alarm signals, no suffocation, but the child died.

We know that rumors spread on the Internet faster than Darmanin’s sexist statements. When in fact the child’s autopsy revealed that his death was due to myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart muscle. Nothing to do with drowning, but it was too late: the car was launched and the legend was born.

The emergency pediatrician To be or not Toubibwho regularly shares his medical cards for parents on social networks (with caustic humor), he returned to this myth for us, stating that dry drowning was actually a fake news :

To be or not Toubib for Madmoizelle

Avoid and identify drowning risks in children

If dry drowning does not exist, let’s not forget that real drowning is always possible. Some tips to always keep in mind:

  • Do not move away from the child who is in the water (yes, even in the bathtub, and even if there is only 10 cm of water, it can go very quickly)
  • Never leave a child unattended near a swimming pool or water point, even if he or she knows how to swim.

If your child drank the cup and you are worried, do not hesitate to call 911 if:

  • The child coughs and cannot stop
  • He has difficulty breathing
  • His lips turn blue
  • Vomits
  • The child is dozing and seems listless

A child who has drunk a large amount of water will need to be monitored for the next few hours. But dying from dry drowning 72 hours after doing a breaststroke, no, it’s not possible.

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