“6:0 in favor of love!”: Oksana Lavrentieva confirms reunion with Alexander Tsypkin

Now, all the questions that the fans of the star couple had after the news of their divorce have disappeared: the businesswoman and the journalist have reunited. Congratulations! Oksana Lavrentieva shared the good news in her personal microblog.

Oksana Lavrentieva. Photo: social networks

The TV presenter published a wedding photo with Alexander Tsypkin. The model appeared in a snow-white dress with a bouquet of flowers and her chosen one – a classic black suit, white shirt and bow tie. Lovers posed on the swing. “6:0 in favor of love!” — Oksana Lavrentieva signed the frame.

Alexander Tsypkin and Oksana Lavrentieva. Photo: social networks

Followers were very happy with this post. “It’s good that you changed your mind! True love never ends”, “This is good news”, “Wedding again? How cool”, “Hooray! Congratulations!”, “Love overcomes everything!” – subscribers spoke in the comments.

Let us recall that Oksana Lavrentieva and Alexander Tsypkin met at a charity evening in November 2017. A year later the couple got married. In December 2023, it was learned that the couple divorced after five years of marriage. However, later they went out together and published joint photos.

Source: People Talk

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