“I just introduce them to someone I like,” Marie tells us of coming out to her children

Marie Durand came out of the closet seven years ago. She is the mother of three young children and married at the time, she tells us how she reinvented her family.

This Pride Month, Madmoizelle highlights families with LGBTQIA+ parents, still too invisible. They tell us about the journey they took to reinvent their family or simply create it, and celebrate love and diversity. For this first work we met Marie Durand during the Family Pride Festival. Marie is the mother of 3 children. And at 36 years old, while she was married to a man, she had the meeting that would change her life. She falls in love with a woman and decides to leave the life of a heterosexual woman to fully experience her love for her. How do you rebuild your family, how do you reinvent it when you are the mother of three young children aged 8, 7 and 1 at the time?

He explains that things eventually happened quite naturally. “I haven’t really talked to my kids about my homosexuality. It’s just that one day I came home with a woman and introduced her as the person I loved.”, tell us. A coming out quite different from what we usually hear. “ We support our children, already listening to them, offering them the space to say it. This happens over time, through words, or through games, especially at this age. » To support these questions, Marie used books that are still few in number, e.g “it didn’t correspond to his family, a family in the process of being reconstituted, or at least in change”.

Accept your homosexuality by supporting your children

In reality, she is experiencing this great change at the same time as her children. “At the same time there was the acceptance of my homosexuality which was a question, a real journey that I had to undertake too”, she says. She encountered difficulties. The looks of others, the harsh words for children at school, we had to support them. “My children’s age is an age where patterns, prejudices, don’t really exist yet. Children are more likely to understand, also because they don’t have that presumption of heterosexuality that we project onto people. »

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Marie Durand started and co-founded the association Collectif Famille.s in 2020 to connect, raise awareness and make visible LGBT+ families and developed Coming Up to raise awareness among companies on these same issues. And after that, what I missed terribly were other families, other examples, other parents who were going through this, and therefore other children who could just show that things would be okay.

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