‘Bridgerton’ star Nicola Coughlan explains why she’s proud to take part in raunchy scenes

On May 16, the first episode of the third season of “Bridgerton” was released on Netflix. The rest of the four episodes can be watched starting from June 23. Nicola Coughlan played Penelope Featherington in the project.

A still from the “Bridgerton” series

Viewers called the actress “brave” for participating in suggestive scenes. The celebrity admitted that filming was not easy for her and thanked the audience for their kind words. “You know, it’s hard because I think women with my body type – women with big breasts – criticize themselves on screen,” Nicola said.

The artist also revealed that he is very proud to be part of the “ideal meme” community. “I hope you enjoyed seeing them,” Coughlan sarcastically told Just Jared.

A still from the “Bridgerton” series

Phoebe Dynevor, who previously appeared in previous episodes of “Bridgerton,” talked about how she felt about the intimate scenes.

In contrast, Phoebe’s colleague on the project, Jonathan Bailey, shared that when filming such episodes, people are always separated by at least three barriers.

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