This workplace habit can damage your professional reputation

According to a recent study, complaining about stress to colleagues can damage your professional reputation.

A habit that would have harmful effects. Sometimes, when the workload is demanding, complaining about the difficulties and stress caused to colleagues may not be a good idea. It might as well damage your professional reputation.

These are the conclusions of a recent study published on Personal psychologyconducted by Jessica Rodell, a researcher at the Terry College of Business at the University of Georgia, surveyed 360 people. According to her, they are considered “stress busters”, or people who express their stress at work less competent AND less friendly by their colleagues.

“Stress braggarts” are judged to be less warm than other colleagues

Study participants were asked to read several scenarios about an imaginary colleague returning from a work meeting. Among these we note that of a “stressful bully”. This colleague complains that the conference “was not just one more thing on his full schedule. You have no idea the stress I’m under “. The latter is judged decidedly less friendly and competent than another employee who believes that the meeting was “ good but stressful “.

Because according to Jessica Rodell, “ talking about it so openly and explicitly diminishes sympathy. We value humility and connection with others, and boasting makes us less like people “.

Stress that is communicated to colleagues

This behavior can have long-term negative consequences : Participants said they would be less likely to help a “stress hustler” in times of difficulty. The button ? Express your stress, yes, but in the right way.

And if you work with a “stress hustler,” you need to be vigilant about protecting your focus. Because bragging about stress has a “contagion effect” in the workplace, because it can influence several colleagues and reduce the energy of a team.

“If you're already stressed and your coworker starts venting about their stress, you may not have the emotional capacity to listen to them. So you may feel frustrated and resentful about stress bragging that adds more to your emotional plate.”

Jessica Rodell

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