“Slowmance”, what is this new trend in dating among LGBTQIA+ people?

In celebration of Pride Month, dating app Hinge released a large study on the romantic behaviors of LGBTQIA+ people on the platform.

What if LBGTQI+ people are tired of dead-end relationships? In any case, this is the conclusion of the dating application Hinge. On June 6, the platform released a study on the community’s dating practices, conducted with more than 14,000 people.

A new trend would emerge: the slownessi.e. a prioritizing approach to meetings emotional intimacy. The goal is to slowly initiate a connection with a person, setting clear boundaries and being explicit about intentions from the beginning.

Meetings to “cultivate emotional intimacy”

And for good reason, 76% of the LGBTQIA+ community who responded to the study wished they had more examples of healthy relationships in the media when they were younger. While in 2024 emotional intimacy is the main area of ​​concern for the community who wants to learn how to best establish a relationship Trust.

In addition to these figures, the Hinge report explains the slowmance principle in more detail. and the reasons given therein. Second Moe Ari Brownrelationship expert at Hinge, says: “ Dating can be especially complex for gay men for many reasons. Opting for a slowmance helps LGBTQIA+ daters cultivate emotional intimacy and build the solid foundation needed to navigate these complexities. »

In fact, 64% of LGBTQIA+ users on Hinge say they are more likely to chat with a “match” if their profile suggests a sense of humor. The slogans that Hinge offers to its LGBTQIA+ users are a great opportunity to break the ice and lay the foundation for relationships built on authentic connection.

The slowness also manifests itself in the organization of the first meeting. According to the study, 31% believe that the pressure is less when the date is given in a bar, 21% in a bar and 20%.

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