“I don’t want to see people”: University star Stas Yarushin scared fans with his mood

Stas Yarushin shared his experiences on his personal blog, posting a black and white photo showing him with a sad look.

Stas Yarushin. Photo: social networks

“Now it’s time for you to want to be on your own desert island. I don’t want to see people or share energy with them. Share your thoughts with them. They won’t understand. We have different neural connections and thoughts. The only response you can get is sarcasm. We passed, we know. Many people can’t hear. And to hell with it,” the actor admitted.

Stas Yarushin. Photo: social networks

Yarushin added that he wants to think about life, listen to beautiful music and produce new ideas. According to the artist, all these processes should help him change internally.

Stas’ fans wondered what happened to him and wished him to come to his senses as soon as possible. Followers wrote: “God help you”, “May everything be alright!”, “Strength to you”.

Source: People Talk

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