‘I thought I should give up bread’: Ed Sheeran ate fried chicken wings for a year and a half to lose weight

Ed Sheeran. Photo: Getty Images

Singer Ed Sheeran has opened up about his attempt to lose weight. The popular artist took everything too literally and found himself in a funny situation.

During her tour, the artist told how she decided to streamline her figure. The young man was determined to give up carbohydrates and lose excess weight. The result was exactly the opposite.

“I thought we should give up bread just because it’s carbohydrates. I decided I could eat chicken nuggets and stuck with them for a year and a half. “I ended up gaining another 24 kilos,” Ed Sheeran said on the Session 24 podcast.

After such a fiasco, the artist began to exercise and limit the size of her portions. Kelly Osbourne recently revealed that she lost 40 pounds without the help of drugs. Out of fear for her own health, she took control of her diet seriously.

Source: People Talk

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