Maria Shumakova confirms that the series “Sweet Life” will continue

What news! Maria Shumakova delighted her fans on the banned social network with the continuation of the TV series “La Dolce Vita”.

Maria Shumakova. Photo: A frame from the “La Dolce Vita” series

In April, the actor assured subscribers that there was hope for new episodes to be filmed. And today the artist announced that he wanted to share great news and published a screenshot of the message he received from his colleagues involved in the production of the series. “Masha, good morning! “I sent the TV series Tatlı Hayat to the mail,” the text says.

A frame from the series: “La Dolce Vita”

Let us remind you that the first premiere of the series took place on the Amediateka video service in 2014, and the project took second place in popularity after Game of Thrones. Television broadcast on the TNT channel took place a year later. Three seasons have been released to date. Interesting facts about the series are collected here.

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