“I felt an electric shock”: Will Smith describes the toughest moment on set

Will Smith. Photo: Getty Images

Those who managed to watch the movie “Bad Boys to the End” could not help but notice the violent slap that Will Smith’s character received in the frame. Many people even thought it was a reference to Chris Rock’s incident at the Oscars.

If slapping a comedian in front of the film community and audiences caused irreparable damage to Will’s reputation, another blow literally almost crushed him.

In Hot Ones, Will Smith shared his memories of an incident that happened on the set of Ali, where he played the legendary boxer. During filming, he disobeyed his coach’s instructions and received a serious blow from his co-star Michael Bentt.

Will Smith. A frame from the movie “Ali”

“My head was pressed against my spine. I felt an electric shock from the top of both my hands to the elbows. “Where are my car keys?” “For some reason that was all I was thinking about at that moment,” Smith said.

Meanwhile, the actor is currently shooting the sequel to the movie “I Am Legend”. Famous basketball player Michael B. Jordan will also take part.

Source: People Talk

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