The release date of the new Hunger Games prequel has been announced.

A frame from the movie “The Hunger Games”

There’s two news for Hunger Games fans, both good. First of all, a new movie about the universe created by author Suzanne Collins will be released soon.

Last November, the prequel “A Song of Songbirds and Snakes” made a good profit at the box office. Even then, the creators of dystopia had signaled that there would be more such films. Now they are officially announcing that a new episode will be released in 2026. “The film opened up an endless array of opportunities that Suzanne and I can now pursue,” Variety quotes Adam Fogelson, president of the film group, as saying. Francis Lawrence, the director of the previous episodes, aims to sit in the director’s chair.

The second good news for fans is that Suzanne Collins is writing a new book for her new movie called Harvest Sun Rising, which will be released in 2025.

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