“Pushkin is our everything”: 5 films based on the works of the great poet

June 6 is celebrated as International Russian Language Day. Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin, the genius of Russian literature, was born on this day 225 years ago. We are talking about the best film adaptations of the poet’s works.

Sergei Bezrukov as Alexander Pushkin in the movie “Pushkin: The Last Duel”. Photo: “Kinopoisk”

“Onegin”, 2024

Viktor Dobronravov in the movie “Onegin”

“Dubrovsky”, 2014

Danila Kozlovsky in the movie “Dubrovsky”

“Young Lady from the Peasant”, 1995

Elena Korikova in the movie “Young Peasant Lady”

“Little Tragedies”, 1979

Valery Zolotukhin in the series “Little Tragedies”

“The Captain’s Daughter”, 1978

Alexander Abdulov in the movie “The Captain’s Daughter”

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