5 easy ways to make anyone look sexy

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Summer is especially the time when you want to get in the mood of Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City or Serena Van Der Woodsen from Gossip Girl (albeit without the constant relationship drama). Go out, take a cab, show up to your friends’ porch, and walk around in your next outfit. Moreover, the outfit is not ordinary, it contains some sexuality.

The desire to get rid of the notorious oversize is, in principle, understandable – when you go out in bulky trench coats, coats and jackets almost all year round, in a few months of warmth you want to have time to show why you really are. Go to the gym, drink lemon water and refuse dessert in a restaurant.

So how to create an easy-to-apply but still bold image? The fashion community has some good tricks up its sleeve. We’ve put together five ways to make anything look sexy.

Wear a tight t-shirt

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All you oversized haters get ready, because it’s slowly but surely falling off the list of global trends. Excessively voluminous elements are replaced by silhouette elements that advantageously emphasize the figure. Meanwhile, the changes also affected basic T-shirts. This season, the heroes of street style enjoy choosing models that suit their bodies, even slightly smaller. And yes, wearing a tight t-shirt instead of a loose one is an easy way to make your look sexier. Take notes.

Replace sneakers with shoes

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If you have already worn a T-shirt and jeans, prepared your favorite sneakers, but suddenly want to make your look more feminine, feel free to replace your sneakers with heels. Choose from stiletto heels, kitten heel slingbacks or square toe sandals. Add a trendy bag, a headband, and a pair of accent bracelets to the look and voila! – A sexy look for a walk with friends is ready.

Pick up your jeans

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And no, it’s not what you think. Nowadays, many fashion influencers recommend rolling up the trouser belt itself, not the trouser legs. So they fit perfectly on the hips and emphasize the waist. A simple trick will add the right degree of casualness to your look and make baggy jeans look sexy. You can wear a short shirt, a crop top or even a corset on top. The last option is ideal for parties.

Do not button your shirt all the way down

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Who said you have to button your shirt all the way down? Fashion influencers have definitely not heard of this rule, so they try to style a basic wardrobe item with great pleasure. For example, they fasten their shirts with a single button to increase the degree of sexuality. And they wore a bandeau top so as not to shock passersby. The biggest advantage of this technique is that absolutely everyone can repeat it. Should we try this summer?

Wear a corset over a dress or shirt

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Another trick that stylists often use is to wear a corset over a shirt or dress. Don’t believe this trick will work? Then look at Gigi Hadid. Last year, the model beat the usual white jeans and pink shirt with a milky corset that advantageously emphasizes the waist and chest. For a bigger effect, you can pull the shirt down from one shoulder and leave the pleat open.

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