What is “pebbling”, this penguin-inspired practice of showing affection?

To show their love to their sweetheart, penguins offer them carefully chosen pebbles. For humans, this practice called “pebbling” is illustrated by sending cute memes.

Sending memes to your romantic partner now has a name. On social media, we call it “pebble”verb taken from the English noun “pebble” to designate small pebbles. An initiative directly inspired by penguins who love to give pebbles to their sweetheart.

For penguins, a way to show affection

Second The Guardian, from the penguins’ point of view, these stone gifts serve two purposes: to build their nest and to demonstrate that their relationship is special and monogamous. For humans, the pebbles serves as gift of affection, but in memes. Some kind of offer in the form of funny and cute videos or photos. Therefore, by sending memes, the pebbles it would be a way to wink at your sweetheart: “I thought of you when I saw it”.

Asked by UK Undergroundthe journalist and sexologist Gigi Engle states that the pebbles East “ the cutest thing in the world because memes are a love language today. Pebbling began when exchanging memes became a way to connect with others. » A way to make your partner laugh or smile without even having to argue. A slightly less risky version than the penguin version, since sending rocks to your significant other isn't very romantic.

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