Jennifer Aniston seen in public for the first time after criticism for her changing face

Recently, Jennifer Aniston has been hotly discussed on the internet. The main thing is her face, which seems to users to have changed due to plastic surgery. According to the Daily Mail, the paparazzi managed to take new photos of the actress after that.

Jennifer Aniston. Photo: Getty Images

Photographers spotted Jennifer in California at the funeral of filmmaker Cecile Keshishian, whose children she befriended. The actress wore dark glasses that seemed to draw even more attention to her face (see photo here). Internet users are divided into those who write that Jennifer hides the bags under her eyes due to unnecessary injections with the help of accessories. Others believe that Aniston did not resort to plastic surgery.

Let’s remember that at the beginning of June, an interview with Jennifer Aniston and Nicole Kidman was published for The Hollywood Reporter, after which the Internet started talking about the star’s appearance. In the comments, everyone collectively began to write that their faces were motionless due to the excess amount of filler.

Source: People Talk

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