Taylor Swift reveals the name of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ fourth child

Last year, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds became parents for the fourth time. Taylor Swift fans are sure that the singer has declassified the baby’s name. The Daily Mail reports this.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. Photo: Getty Images

By the way, Taylor and Blake are very close friends, and the singer touchingly talked about the birth of each of the actress’s children in her compositions. That’s why fans were waiting for the singer’s new album with great trepidation, because they knew they would find clues in it.

Blake Lively and Taylor Swift. Photo: social networks

Fans managed to find something by thoroughly examining the lyrics of the tracks. They are sure that the newborn girl’s name is Robin. The artist also has a composition with the same name. By the way, don’t be shy about a boy’s name because one of Blake and Ryan’s daughters is named James.

Source: People Talk

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