You’re opening Haribo candy bags the wrong way, here’s the proof (video)

In a TikTok that went viral, German content creator Ana Antonje shared a very simple way to open a Haribo package without dropping a single candy.

Another simple tip that has been under our noses for decades. On TikTok, the German content creator Ana Antonjeshe was more than surprised when she discovered an explanatory video how to open Haribo sweets bags in the right direction.

If most people open them from the top, a trick allows them to be opened in another way, without the sweets exploding along with the packaging, and so that the bags can then be closed again.

“Don’t tell me you knew?”

In the video seen 4.5 million times, we see her running into a supermarket to collect Haribo bags.

Once she gets home, she films herself opening the plastic package in a new way. This way, the strip located in the center of the package comes off easily and can be used to seal it and store the rest of the candy, as seen below.


Don't tell me you knew???!!!

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In the caption of the video he asks: "Don't tell me you knew???!!! » Apparently, Internet users were unaware of this, like this: " I've been opening Haribo the wrong way all these years! THERE IS NO WAY ", while another asks the legitimate question: " So all these manufacturers thought of these handy little tips and NEVER informed us? »

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