Jennifer Aniston took her engagement ring off her secret boyfriend

Jennifer Aniston Photo: Getty Images

Actress Jennifer Aniston appeared in public without a large diamond engagement ring. She carried the gift from an unknown admirer for several months.

The celebrity was seen in a ruby ​​red ensemble consisting of a dress with a slit on one leg, strappy high heels and a red necklace. The Daily Mail writes that the look was completed with a red stone ring instead of an engagement ring.

It is not yet known who gave such a generous gift to the 55-year-old actor. He has not been seen to be in a relationship for the last five years. It looks like the name of the influential suitor will now remain a secret.

The internet is still debating Jennifer Aniston and Nicole Kidman’s latest interview for The Hollywood Reporter. In the comments made under the video, internet users started talking about the stars’ appearance again.

Source: People Talk

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