Talking about Algeria: the Arabengers event returns on 29 June

The Arabengers return on June 29 for a new edition of “Raconter l’Algérie”, this time celebrating the 70th anniversary of the start of the Algerian War of Liberation.

THE Saturday 29 June must be marked with a cross red and green in your calendars Consisting of seven women Franco-Algerian, Tunisian, Moroccan, Egyptian or Palestinian from the world of culture, the Arabengers will put Dock B in Pantin with the colors of Algeria.

Donia Ismail, Nadia Bouchenni, Ouafae Mameche, Hajer Ben Boubaker, Farah El Khodja, Lina Soualem AND Shereen Dbouk highlight the stories and legacies of the MENA region, from North Africa to the Middle East.

In July 2022 they launched their first event Talking about Algeria, which celebrates the sixtieth anniversary of Algerian independence. Since then the collective has had a series of events (Talking about Morocco, Khoroteuf, Africa), building a reputation for tireless promoters of the cultural and intellectual richness of the Arab and Maghreb diasporas.

Therefore, their events are always a great opportunity to meet your favorite Algerian artists or personalities. Even if the program for June 29th is still reserved, we can only expect the best from those who had already brought together, on the occasion of previous events, radiant personalities such as Medina, Tif, Nayra or our local uncle for everyone, Rim'k.

While waiting to find out more, the appointment is therefore scheduled at Dock B Pantin on June 29th from 2pm to 1am. This edition marks the 70th anniversary of the start of the War of Liberation already announces itself as multidisciplinary with panel discussion, stands, a market of Algerian creatives, a photographic exhibition, a DJ set and an evening of concerts.

The event has free entry. Only the evening, which will begin at 8.30 pm with karaoke, various concerts and DJ sets, will be accessible via the ticket office.

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