Type of the 4 parents we always meet at birthday parties

Do you have a child and he is invited to a birthday party? Know that you will inevitably come across one of these parents, or that you yourself are one of those who will be introduced here.

When they tell you that the month of June is hell for parents, it’s also because you discover that your child has a more intense social life than yours. Invitations to birthday parties also arrive between fairs and end-of-year shows, because all the kids seem to have agreed to be born in June.

And you will discover, accompanying your precious heir with his boyfriend or girlfriend, that everything is small typology of parents of children that we inevitably encounter during these snacks. And of course you have to be one of them too.

The one who accompanies his son and leaves just as dry

This parent sees the birthday invitation as the perfect opportunity to get a few hours of free babysitting. Not at all interested in the party that is being prepared, he rings the bell, says hello, accompanies his son, asks what time he has to return and immediately leaves, before anyone asks him anything.

Because he knows his child will have fun and wants to take advantage of this break to do something else, the hasty parent doesn’t linger and runs faster than the wind in Donald Trump’s toupee.

The one who doesn’t want to leave

Unlike the parent in a hurry above, the parent who doesn’t want to leave finds any excuse to get into trouble. He stays at the door, chats with the parents who arrive at the same time and finally offers his help in managing the organization of the snack.

After half an hour crouching in front of the door, this parent joins the party and brings fruit juice to thirsty children, invents activities to entertain them, dedicates himself to managing the make-up counter, has two fingers to blow out the candles instead of ‘interested. He also ends up eating all the leftover candy and getting angry when someone tells him he can’t have the cake three times.

Perhaps this parent should consider a career change to hosting birthday parties (or finding a social life with people their age).

He who collects

This relative is a little out of his league. Usually, he starts by losing the paper invitation and not remembering the date of the party, and has to text or visit the child's parents after school to ask them again.

Then, at the last minute, he remembers that he has to bring a gift and, finally, he doesn't have time to accompany his son to the party. Fatigue, parental burnout, goldfish memory or simply too high a mental load in everyday life, the parent who is in trouble is often not without reason, and all of us, one day, have been (or will be) in his place of loss.

The one who eventually forgets to return

Legend has it that the parent mentioned in first place in this ranking and this parent are the same or great friends. One rushes to take his son to the party, the other forgets the pick-up time and causes a mess.

Know, dear forgetful parents, that it can be very distressing for host parents to see that after the party there is only one child left, in addition to the one whose birthday it is, and to have to justify why the mother is still not there while all the others have already gone home.

While at first the forgotten child may find it nice because it gives him a boost at the party, we feel the anxiety growing rapidly as the minutes (or hours) pass. Is this the same parent who showed up after daycare hours in the past? The bets have been made.

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