“My hands were shaking”: Pavel Mamaev’s wife explained her reaction to her husband’s pregnancy

In mid-May, Nadezhda Sanko announced on her personal blog that she would become a mother again. She announced the good news on her birthday by posting a romantic video with her husband. Today the girl admitted that it takes a long time to have a baby.

Nadezhda Sanko and Pavel Mamaev. Photo: social networks

“After the second cesarean section, you cannot get pregnant for at least a year and a half. And when this period ended, Pasha, who dreamed of having more children (and as you know, I always dreamed of having three boys) did not waste time… But the first three months were in vain,” Sanko shared. .

Nadezhda Sanko and Pavel Mamaev. Photo: social networks

The football player was upset when he learned that nothing was going well. However, Sanko could not calm down and went to the pharmacy for a new test. He couldn’t believe his luck when he saw the positive result. “My hands were shaking, my heart was beating with excitement and happiness,” Nadezhda admitted.

The girl hurried to please her husband. Mamaev immediately ran to hug his wife and kiss her belly. Pavel did not let go of Nadezhda for two minutes. “You couldn’t resist. Thank you for your congratulations and kind words,” Sanko concluded.

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