Down with oversize: We’re wearing tight t-shirts from the 2000s this summer

If you are tired of the oversized t-shirts that have dominated the fashion world for the last few years, you will definitely like this trend. Tight T-shirts, which everyone probably had in the distant past, are back in fashion. In the 2000s, T-shirts in “kid” sizes were at the peak of popularity, and all the leading it-girls were wearing them. For example, Paris Hilton, who prefers models with provocative text, has now become a trend again.

So today you can put aside your favorite t-shirt a few sizes larger and look at the same t-shirts from the 2000s. Bright, monochrome, with or without inscriptions – the choice is yours. We show you how to style them to be the most fashionable this summer.

Source: People Talk

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