A new fashion brand, emblematic of the 90s, placed under safeguard procedure (smells of burning)

After Camaïeu, Cop.Copine, San Marina, Kookaï and even Minelli, the massacre continues in the French mid-range. At a loss for years, resold in 2022, with a social plan in 2023 and another in 2024, Pimkie is now placed in safeguard proceedings.

If you think about the French fashion brands that shaped your adolescence, there’s a good chance they are in financial difficulty today. After Camaïeu, Cop.Copine, San Marina, Kookaï and even Minelli, it’s Pimkie’s turn to reach the sinking point.

A backup plan to ensure Pimkie’s future

We have known the loss-making brand for years, which in 2022 passed from the hands of the Association Familiale Mulliez to those of Lee Cooper, Salih Halassi (buyer of Kindy socks and Mariner underwear) and the Turkish textile industrialist Ibisler Tekstil. But this recovery proves insufficient for Pimkie’s future.

In March 2023 and then in January 2024, the company has already undergone two employment protection plans (PSE) which should lead, by the end of 2024, to the closure of a hundred stores and the elimination of almost 500 jobs. At the end of these two social plans, the brand will have approximately 200 stores (owned or affiliated), for a total of 850-900 employees.

The AFP learned on May 29 that Pimkie had been placed under safeguard proceedings by the Lille commercial court. This new safeguard plan should allow us to accelerate the company's recovery plan to try to secure its future. While management wants to be reassuring, the context of the current fashion industry leaves unions with reason to doubt.


In recent months there has been a massacre for fashion brands in France. 👀 But concretely, why is mid-range fashion collapsing in France today? #fashion #fastfashion #fastfashionshouldend #actu #camaieu #sanmarina #ecologies #edutok #tiktokacademie

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