“We got rid of the threat again”: Timur Heydarov’s pregnant wife was hospitalized

The wife of the famous plastic surgeon Svetlana Silvashi said in her microblog that she was admitted to a hospital in the capital. He needed medical attention urgently. According to the woman’s statement, she no longer had the strength to complete this pregnancy.

Timur Khaidarov and his wife Svetlana Silvashi. Photo: social networks

The couple announced that they would be joining the family in February. Timur and Svetlana will have another daughter. It will be the couple’s second child together. Silvasha also has a daughter from a previous relationship.

Svetlana’s third pregnancy is difficult. Khaidarov’s wife admitted that she was depressed by taking a selfie in the ward. “There’s no more strength left,” she said. Last time she was at risk of premature birth. Apparently the situation was repeated.

“Of course I have the strength to reach the end and not give up. All this is very difficult to survive – both mentally and physically. And again they are free from the threat. I think I will remember this time for a long time. This is the third time in a row that I have been hospitalized with hellish pain during my nine months of pregnancy,” Silvasi complained.

Let us remind you that in March, Timur Khaidarov’s wife was hospitalized due to poor health due to severe stress. Read more here.

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