Perfect: Keanu Reeves was seen on a date with his girlfriend

Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves and his girlfriend Alexandra Grant rarely appear in public and share details of their relationship. However, yesterday paparazzi managed to catch the couple on a romantic date.

Keanu Reeves. Photo: Getty Images

The lovers were seen going out at one of the restaurants after dinner in Los Angeles. Alexandra wore a sparkly black dress and boots and completed her look with a huge necklace. But admittedly we didn’t recognize 59-year-old Keanu right away. The actor chose a navy blue tuxedo and wore a gray scarf. You’ve gotten younger, haven’t you?

Let’s remember that Keanu and Alexandra met in 2009, when Keanu was working on his own book and looking for an illustrator. Friends advised him to contact Grant, and in 2011 “Ode to Happiness” went on sale. They founded X Artists’ Books in 2017. According to insiders, it was the joint business that brought Kianu and Alexandra closer to each other. However, the couple only confirmed their romance in the fall of 2019.

Source: People Talk

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