Anya Taylor-Joy tells how she received a marriage proposal

Last year, Anya Taylor-Joy married musician Malcolm McRae at the historic Palazzo Pisani Moretta, surrounded by family and friends. There were also rumors that the couple got married earlier.

Anya Taylor-Joy. Photo: Getty Images

Taylor-Joy said McRae proposed in a place that was meaningful to her. According to the actor, he loves the movie “Forrest Gump” and it so happened that he heard the precious words of his beloved on the bench where Tom Hanks’ character in the film was sitting.

Anya Taylor-Joy and Malcolm McRae. Photo: Getty Images

“It’s pure coincidence and he’s a kid from Alabama. And I am blonde. It’s simple, it just happened. “I hear this music and I cry like a child,” Anya said in an interview with Letterboxd.

Let us remind you that Taylor-Joy chose an unusual dessert for the wedding – heart-shaped cakes. The other day, the artist explained why he prefers this type of dessert.

Source: People Talk

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