This hairstyle would be best to protect your hair at night

It may not seem like it but during the night the hair fiber is put to the test. Which is why you shouldn’t leave your hair down. Just one hairstyle stands out from the others and helps keep your hair healthy. Here she is.

Overnight, rubbing your hair against the pillow and sheets can cause damage to the hair fiber. Tangled, frizzy hair, broken curls and split ends… Many problems can occur. To avoid this, it is essential to adopt a protective hairstyle which helps avoid any friction. Hairstylist Jonathan Van Ness recently revealed his tip on TikTok for protecting your hair at night. What to do ? Attack them but not in any way! We will explain it to you.

A protective sandwich

To allow your hair to remain healthy and maintain elasticity when drying, the expert recommends aiming for a high chignon. Start by bringing all your hair back (without pulling it too much) and twisting it along the lengths to form a chignon. To fasten it, it is not a question of using a classic rubber band or even an elastic band, which are considered too aggressive for the hair. The expert recommends using a silk elastic instead, which limits friction and helps maintain the lengths without damaging them.


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Watch out for the roots!

To complete your hairstyle the hairdresser makes sure that the roots are not too flat or pulled. If this is the case, she will loosen the bun to leave a little more slack on the scalp. But why ? Above all, it is about limiting the phenomenon of traction which can cause pain, headaches but also and above all traction alopecia..

You know everything !

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