Here are the 3 comedians you’ll hear about everywhere

The 9th edition of the Paris Humor Festival (FUP) took place from 13 to 25 May. An event that brings together the biggest names in Francophone humor, with established comedians and emerging talents.

Since its creation, FUP has become a must in the world of humor. The festival welcomed characters who have become essential in the panorama of Francophone humor, Marina Rollmann has Fadili Camara Passing through Panayotis Pascot OR Ines Reg.

If this ninth edition opened with an evening hosted by Gad Elmaleh and his guests, the FUP also dedicated an evening to new talents. During an evening we greatly enjoyed equality9 young talents considered as rising stars the moods follow one another to introduce us to sketches lasting about ten minutes. Even though everyone made us laugh, four particularly struck us and it made us want to delve deeper into their world.

John Sulo, the king of improvisation

As master of ceremonies, he did not take part in the competition. However, he is the one whose show we can’t wait to see. King of improvisation, Sulo he is the friend you would like to have in your group of friends.

In a few seconds, this Parisian resigned (unlike tourists, he knows Paris well enough to no longer believe it) transports us into his world.

Imaginary or real, these anecdotes make you laugh out loud: like when he tells us about his experience of paragliding with a master clinging to his back. Or imagine it Pascal Praud arrives by lowering himself on the set of CNews after Emmanuel Macron dropped a “ hamdoulilah » (in Arabic, God be praised) after a belch that escaped him during the benefit of July 14th. Sulo returned to the stage five times during the evening, and it wasn’t enough.

Anne Cahen, the hilarious introvert

As a person introverted But not shydo you have the impression of being alone in the world since everyone confuses the two things?

Lass solarbut al the social battery runs out very easily, Anne Cahen shows you that you are not alone. Better: Draw the audience into your world, revealing everything that's fun about it. The laziness to argue that strikes at any time (even in the middle of the evening) or the ability to do so make films incredible about our relationships, instead of living them… For her eloquence, her imagination, her sense of timing and her impeccable writing: we highly recommend you discover Anne Cahen's show.

Ayrton Gomes, the Marseille prodigy

Young comedian Marseille, Ayrton established himself as the prodigy of the evening. His sketch got the audience so fired up that he won the jury prize, awarded after applause caused the applause meter to explode.

Ultra friendlyAyrton arrives on stage with great ease and greets the audience warmly (we willingly avoid jokes like “there's a shit crowd tonight”). With great ease and without ever falling into vulgarity, Ayrton brings the scene back to the stage the anecdotes and laughs we have among friends. Paris is lucky to have a new recruit from Marseille!

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