Rare photos: Kylie Minogue showed herself as a child on her birthday

Today the singer turned 56 years old. In honor of Kylie Minogue’s birthday, she released archival photos showing what she looked like in kindergarten.

Kylie Minogue. Photo: Getty Images

One of the photos in the pop star’s personal microblog was black and white. The freckled, snub-nosed girl posed for the camera smilingly and her hair was braided. The other frame turned out to be colored. A baby with lush hair in a sundress was photographed in the courtyard of the house. Kylie was holding a bouquet of flowers.

The singer drew attention to her closest people – parents Ronald and Carol, younger brother Brandon and younger sister Danni. “It’s my birthday! Thank you mom and dad. You are the best! Thank you brother and sister. You are the best too! We celebrate with you. And thank you for the wonderful messages from around the world. “I love you so much,” Minogue wrote.

Let us note that the actor had a very successful year after achieving great success with his hit song Padam Padam and his career was on the rise. He recently released his sixteenth studio album, Tension.

Source: People Talk

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