June is the worst month for parents (and especially for mothers)

The month of June appears to be, on an organizational level, the hottest to manage for those who have decided to reproduce. But why ?

Anyone who thinks that the month of June smells of future summer holidays sipping grenadines by the pool has never had the crazy idea of ​​reproducing and creating heirs. Because actually the month of June, when we have children in the community (especially in school), is hot, in terms of mental workload. And sometimes your head explodes, or almost.

Oddly enough (no), the weight of all the organization of this hellish month falls mainly on mothers, like almost everything about parenting. So yes, we see, over the years, that fathers are more and more involved (and it’s not too early), but we don’t hide our faces either: It’s mostly the girls who do all the work, as usual.

Management of the end of the school year

For children who are now old enough to go to school, this month of June is particularly intense: between the fairs, the end-of-year shows, the birthday snacks every weekend (think that half of the children at school were born in June), enrolling children in leisure centres/courses/summer camps… Or purchasing transport tickets to send the lumps to grandparents, uncles, cousins… Check the opening times and availability of welcoming everyone, while managing the budget for all this mess… It’s enough to make you want to bang your head against the walls.

We are already planning for next year

And if you think that the end of the school year only coincides with those few weeks, that’s not true! Since June, we already have to plan the start of the school yearwith registrations for extracurricular activities, registration procedures for schools and canteen/nursery, while juggling with the rest.

Truly, it’s a hell of a gymnastics that never seems to stop.

Added to that, in the equation of this hellish month, the exhaustion of the kids at the end of the year, who have the patience of a dictator towards psychotropic drugs. They too are enjoying the end of the past year, and the last Easter holidays already seem far away. Even for them the final sprint is not easy and the atmosphere at home can often be quite electrifying. Everyone is nervous, everyone is exhausted, and things are popping like popcorn in an oiled pan.

How to get organized?

For those who are more fond of Excel tables, it can sometimes be wise to make an actual one retro-design to display on the refrigerator, under the eyes of the whole family. Write down the days of the planned activities, and in advance what you need to prepare for them, such as the costumes to find for the end-of-year show, the cakes to prepare for the fair, the birthday gifts to buy, the deadlines for registering for the activities. .. Assigning tasks to everyone, so that everyone, within the limits of their abilities, participates and so that it is not just the mother who does all the work.

And who can make this painting? Good everyone. Everyone can pick up a pen and write important things. We distribute the tasks and the mental load, and if a task is not written down and is forgotten, too bad, it will serve as a lesson for next year.

Letting go of things and accepting that we can't do everything and be everywhere is important. It's not easy to do, especially if you like to have everything under control, but it's essential if you want to preserve your mental health and not be completely on your knees in the weeks to come.

Come on, the GinTos in the pool will arrive very soon.

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