I tested the #1 nail hardener on Amazon, my verdict

Are your nails terribly brittle? What if I tried this Mavala hardener? After 3 weeks of use, my nails are clearly better.

My nails and I are a story. At 41, yes, I admit, I have never managed to have beautiful nails or perfectly manicured hands. However, for me it has always been the height of elegance. I bit my nails for a long time, and when I finally managed to last more than a week, they broke. Is there anything more annoying than having a nail snap off the side? Bottom line, my nails, due to the mistreatment, were soft. Should I have said goodbye to beautiful manicures, that nail polish color we see everywhere this spring? So I decided to use the Mavala Scientific nail hardener, of which everyone spoke well of me. I would like to point out that this publication is not sponsored, the product was offered to me without request for compensation. This attention must be applied 2 or 3 times a week avoiding the contours of the nail so that the cuticles do not harden too much. It is colorless, odorless. But be careful, this is not a base.

My nails are strengthened

I’ve been applying it for about three weeks, as the instructions recommend. And I have to say, against all odds, this my nails are much harder. No one, so far, has split laterally, and not even any splits. Maybe in a few days I will finally be able to apply nail polish. What is this hardener made of? According to Mavala, this product contains a scientific active ingredient that improves the cohesion of keratin fibres and therefore allows the three main layers of the nail to be sealed together. It also contains crystalline resin tears, a gum extracted from a Greek plant. The extract of this gum participates in the natural keratinization process of the nail, thus strengthening it. There, you know everything. Keep in mind that this hardener is #1 on Amazon with rave reviews. On the other hand I didn’t scan it on Yuka.

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