Dream keepers: 5 simple things to make your night calmer

Sleep is important in a person’s life. How can we make this better and get the maximum benefit for the body? Let’s talk!

1. Headphones and earplugs for sleep

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Earplugs and headphones will help you preserve your sleep and make it more complete. It will be especially useful for those who react sharply to noisy neighbors, snoring or construction outside the window. In the summer they are more relevant than ever. Let us note that “dream guardians” will be useful not only at home but also on the road.

2. Fan

A fan is indispensable in summer. But it is important not to “overdo it”, otherwise you may wake up with a cold in the morning.

3. Sleeping mask

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The biggest advantage of a sleeping mask is that it can isolate yourself from the outside world. In this way, the person will be able to fall asleep faster and maintain quality sleep for longer.

4. Weighted blanket

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Apparently weighted blankets are heavier than regular blankets and therefore cause a special effect called deep sensory pressure (DSP). It is known that under such a blanket the body can quickly relax and therefore fall asleep.

5. “Pregnancy pillow”

We officially declare that the U-shaped pillow, also known as the “pregnancy pillow”, can be used even if you are not pregnant. Especially if you sleep alone in bed.

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